The stinky king DURIAN part 2 – update

Hi There!

I have to share this! It is incredible thing WHAT JUST HAPPENED and I can’t keep it all to myself!!!!

So here it goes…

durian2 - 5

You know that I have tried some durian for the first time a couple of days ago. Well, I said I wasn’t crazy jumping up and down about it. It was ok. Well, it was even a bit weird, I must admit.

I put the rest to the fridge.

Durian has a very very specific smell to it, that can be bothering a lot. But for me the most bothering wasn’t the smell anymore, but the texture. When you look at it seems so firm and you expect a much different experience than what you taste when you start eating it.

durian2 - 1

And here comes the most FUN PART actually!


In the morning when I woke up, I could not stop thinking about it and I was guessing if sitting in the fridge would change the texture to a bit more firm since DURIAN contains some FAT, so maybe I become to like it.

I would be opening the fridge all morning to get things to make breakfast, and every time I did, I would smell The Smell.

…And finally it happened!

durian2 - 2

I started to think – it smells the way you can’t turn yourself away. It grabs your attention with this smell and makes you so curious about it. It is really very desirable fruit I have ever seen and tasted.

What happened next:

I was done with breakfast for everybody and finished a jar of watermelon juice myself… and I could not stop thinking about this Durian fruit sitting in the fridge (a half of whole durian).

Kids went to read with Dad. I was by myself in the kitchen. I took it out of the fridge and opened… and looked at it. It seamed so beautiful and perfect. The parts were very firm and nice to touch already. The smell was very pleasant and sweet. I slowly took one piece and opened and ate slowly and really enjoyed it so much. I just couldn’t stop eating it and finished the whole thing….!

I have to say… I am hooked on!

I went to the market today to search for more and got some already precut piece, but it was all I needed for tonights…..

durian2 - 3

Guys, it is unbelievable good. Just a little request for me (just f0r now) – it must be chilled, not frozen, so the texture is not falling apart too quickly.

It tastes:

– medium sweet with nutty feeling
– delicate but not mushy
– soft but a bit chewy
– nothing to compare it to it’s taste, maybe custard, but not exactly
– texture could be a bit like a cotton candy, but much less sweet and bit firmer.

Generally it is just a heavenly amazing and I definitely am a BIG FAN.

I wanted all of you to know.

Yours as always, Ullenka @dehappy5_mama


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  1. admin

    If only those were not so much FATTY (can’t eat too much fat on high carb diet) – I would go for breakfast lunch and dinner with this fruit. It is so delicious! The more I eat them and learn to get a good, ripe and sweet one, that more I love it! You have to try it one day here in Asia. The best Durians are grown here.

  2. Felix (1hopefulman)

    In Canada, we can only get the frozen ones and they are amazingly delicious but they are very expensive and I can easily eat 3 at the time.

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