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Beautiful skin doesn’t come from eating ugly food.

How I Healed My Daughter Eczema :

For those of you who don’t know my full story, this video is for you, with my deepest desire being that I can provide you with hope with whatever struggles you may be going through.

Watch video to learn my full story. 

About deHappy5

We are a Family of 5. Ullenka, Kris, Maya, Travis and Troy. Grasp our Tasty Journey!

In June 2014, we’d left everything behind and begun traveling the world in search for a cure for our kids. Our struggles seem to never end and that’s why we have decided to just go and FIND THE ANSWER. Soon after we have left our home, we started to put the puzzles together and helped our kids with their eczema through the diet and our new lifestyle.

We have traveled all over the  Europe, South East Asia, North America and at some point even crashed our car.  At about that time we’ve  decided to fly out to the South East Asia and soon we started to call  Thailand our home. Our adventures took us to briefly to Australia, later on Canada and then back to Europe. Our kids are growing up healthy and understanding  so much more about life since they are world schooled. Our next adventure is coming soon, we haven’t decided exactly what it is going to be yet.

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