We are NUTs about COCONUTs!

 Hello there!

I want to share with you some info about fascinating me lately coconuts in Thailand.

If you have always thought that there is only one kind of coconuts, you may be surprised just like I am. We are having a stash of about 40 coconuts right now (consuming 5-7 daily at least we have to stock up some) and I have discovered that there are so many different ones.

Over 40 coconuts stashed at the moment

 So I put together a 5 kinds that I have found among the stash:

cocos 6
So beautiful art of nature – look at the shapes, imperfections and bit rustic look they get from handling. Still looking pretty.

Here you have some details about coconuts pictured above from (left to right in order):

1. very large oval shaped with rough sides (like brushed) – lots of water (over half liter) very sweet.
2. medium sized, brown skin with rough sides like previous one – thinner shell and lots of water, very sweet.
3. funny egg shaped – water tastes more coconuty and its pretty sweet, lots of water – over half liter
4. huge round with almost 1 liter of water inside, medium sweet water but yummy silky flesh
5. last one – most regular coconut, about 0.4 of water inside, least sweet of those, but still amazing.]

Next photo is the record of water content so far – a full 1 liter jar from just one single coconut. Not sure if the jar is 1 liter or even more – Italian Quatro Stagioni jar from Swittzerland – FYI. The coconut itself was huge and so heavy! Bigger then my head!! It was the kind 4 on the previous picture, the round large one. Wonder what it’s name is.

cocos 1

Here are some photos of kids enjoying the coconuts at it’s simplest form.
Just scooping meat out of the shell, freshly opened, after drinking the water.

cocos 2
Want some?


cocos 3
Maya is scooping fresh young coconut meat out of the shell.
cocos 4
Troy chewing on coconut meat.
cocos 5
Travi loves it too and he came up with the name for coconut meat, calling it a coconut egg (just because it sort of looks like cooked egg white).

Coconuts in Thailand are definitely worth coming for.
It was one of main reasons we decided to come here, because the nutrition they provide is not possible to replace with anything else.
I am so glad we can enjoy them in such abundance and at lowest possible price.

Each coconut costs from 10-20 baht per piece, which is about 32-64 cents. 

See you on the next blog or instagram!

Yours… @deHappy5_mama

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