What Troy eats on a random day 2 (in Thailand)

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This is a second post from the series of Troy’s current food choices. He is really a decision maker right now and will not eat anything unless he wants it. This is the difficult time for all the parents, because usually children would stop eating all the healthier meals that contain some vegetables and fruits choosing processed foods, sweets, snacks, dairy and starches. I remember that moment with Maya. It starts usually around 2 years of age, for some kids may be earlier or later. Suddenly she has refused to eat all the vegetables and most of the fruits and I had to go into so many tricks to get her eat at least a little bit of veggies. But about Maya there is going to be a separate post, so let’s focus on Troy, who hasn’t been much long on a standard diet. He has never eaten a cookie, ice cream, chocolate or any other processed foods. He has never tried dairy. He ate some fish for a couple of months and very little meat, during about 2-3 weeks when we have tried SCD and candida diet. It was all before starting raw food diet back in April 2014.

day2 (3)


Here is Sunday’s menu:

1. Breakfast: 4 medium Banana smoothie with garden lettuce, soaked flax seeds, 1 heaping tbsp of coconut sugar
2. Second Breakfast – (long) rambutan sliced
3. Lunch – another smoothie : 1 medium sized cantaloupe with mangosteen, 2 leaves of young cabbage, 1 tbsp of coconut sugar and lime juice
4. Snack – coconut water and a little bit of coconut meat (as much as I can encourage him to eat)
5. Dinner 1st course – watermelon smoothie with lime juice
6. Dinner 2nd course (about 1 hour later) – 1 sticky corn and cucumber noodles (skin must be peeled off) with avocado (he eats a corn first and then wants cucumber)

Here is a table of calories and nutrient, image copied from CRON-O-METER.com:


Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.27.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.27.19 PMIdeally would be to drink a watermelon smoothie in the morning, because it digest faster and banana smoothie before dinner, but he wants it upside down, and it doesn’t matter as much right now. Theory is one thing and we are always aiming towards meeting the goal, but reality check sometimes is a bit off and that’s is ok. It matters most during recovery when intestines cannot handle so much. But later on, just like I said in my book, any raw food put together is still a mono – meal.


day2 (1)

day2 (2)


Troy has a bit of deficiency on fats, but standard amounts are really high, so I think is all right. I am still trying and not giving up, to make him eat more, but he just doesn’t want. When I asked drGraham about this a while ago, he said that some children are just not interested in fatty foods. And it is ok. When I look at Troy he is not skinny at all, he has some tummy and is quite fatty. Maybe our body is able to generate fat from sugar? Troy doesn’t like chia puddings or nut milks. I add small amounts to his smoothies, but if I cross the line he refuses to drink them. It has happened in the past 2-3 times already, he stopped drinking smoothies for a week, because I added too much coconut meat. I guess he just doesn’t want fat for some reason and maybe it’s a good thing he makes his own choice.

day2 (4)
munching on a corn
day2 (5)
I am making my own food choices even though I am very little.

The third day I will try to post by the end of the week, so maybe his choices will be much different. He is evolving his own menu always interested with food options. He has discovered rice noodles the other day, but wants them plain and just a little bit, before will get cold. I guess he is just a little guy who is trying and learning.

See you soon!
Yours, Ullenka

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  1. admin

    Thank you Karina! I can imagine your struggle, it is with kids what it is. Unfortunately the society and government do not help much with that. Do your kids eat any sugary sweets and snacks? How old are they? Usually removing processed foods makes kids want to eat fruit quite fast. It was in my case, but it wasn’t easy to give it up.. 🙂 keep trying.

  2. Karina

    Love to read your blog! It’s amazing how you managed to change your family’s diet. I have 2 boys and struggle everyday to make them eat a healthy diet! Your pics are inspiring!
    Karina (from Brazil)

  3. admin

    Thank you 🙂 it will be coming soon!

  4. admin

    I’m very glad that helps!

  5. Lara Laju

    LOVING these Ulenka! Thank you for taking the time. You have no idea how helpful these are! Look forward to more xox

  6. Kaja

    i love this and look forevard to read more, about what your children eat 🙂

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