5+5 = a lot of people in da house today!

HOW MUCH IS 5+5 ? If it is running on fruit, it becomes so much fun and energy that you cannot put a number on it.

Today was a special day.
Another family of 5 visited us and we spent a day together.
They are in Thailand for one month vacation, staying in Chiang Mai.
WHO ARE THEY? Read further….

KIKI - 3

Kiki and Daan are a parents of three sweet girls: Tula, Novi and Pepa. Kiki has become vegan this year and she is following me for a while. She is doing the raw till four lifestyle and transitioning her husband and children. She has contacted me via Instagram some time ago, before coming to Thailand as she really wanted to meet me. Which is such an awesome THING!

KIKI - 4
Maya playing with Pepa
KIKI - 6
Kiki “wearing” Pepa and Maya picking up Tula 🙂

It is so amazing that she came from far away Netherlands to just hang out with me and my family. 🙂 I had no idea I am this cool! 🙂

Anyway. They arrived from Chiang Mai by the bus in the morning and I picked them up at the bus station. We cruised around the market for a bit, got some fruit and head over to our place.

KIKI - 2 (1)
In the pool
KIKI - 1 (1)
Long, sweet and fun lunch time with delicious mangos, mangosteen, jack fruit, grapes, papaya, pineapple and watermelon. Something for everybody.
KIKI - 1
Kids fruity portrait @dehappy5_mama style.

Kids had a blast playing and getting to know each other. Kiki’s girls are so sweet! It was such
pleasure watch them connect and play together.
We shared a little picnic in our outdoor living room, talked a lot about this lifestyle experience, healthy choices, sharing life stories  and just getting to know each other. The day passed by so quickly and in the afternoon they headed back to Chaing Mai.

Kiki and I really connected on a family and lifestyle level.
She is such amazing mom and woman.
I am sure we will stay in touch and I will follow their life journey.


Here is Kiki’s blog about Thailand adventure:
or connect with her via Instagram:

Dear Hermus Family!
Thank you guys for coming down to Phrao,
it was a pleasure to spend the day together
and to learn more about you.
I hope to see you soon “somewhere” again.

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  1. admin

    We had a great time with you guys, hope to do it again some time. If we are in Europe, I am sure to travel VIA Netherlands and visit you. Maybe not very soon, but you never know what’s coming upon, when living like this modern Nomad style. Much love to you guys, I am glad you enjoyed it as well as we did. Have a wonderful rest of your Thailand adventure and stay safe and sound. Bunch of kisses to little Pepa from all of us at first and all the rest goes to the rest of the band! Take care!

  2. admin

    I am sure you can do it some day. Traveling is amazing and we would love to meet you too! Much love!

  3. Sabrina

    Oh so nice 🙂
    I’m sure this must have been such an amazing experience for them 🙂
    I wish I could go on an adventure like this as well some time and visit interesting people like you and your family. ♥

  4. Kiki Hermus

    Dear deHappy5family,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful day! It was great to visit you in Phrao and so nice of you to invite us into your home. I loved talking to Ullenka about food and kids, it’s so nice to meet someone that understands the journey and I’ve learned so much from all of you. Your kids are so kind and open and our girls had a great day with them (and ofcourse the mototbike rides with Chris). Fruitpicture turned out great! Love from the Hermus family

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