What Troy eats on a random day 3 (in Thailand)


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This is the last one of the 3-series  “What Troy eats in a day”, at least for now. Today his menu is much different. No “bamboo” – that’s how he named rambutan, I guess it sounds like this for him and it makes us all laugh. He still likes it but the initial affection has now passed.


Here is Yesterday’s menu:

1. Breakfast: 4 medium Banana smoothie with garden lettuce, soaked chia seeds, 1 heaping tbsp of coconut sugar and 1/2 dragon fruit
2. Second Breakfast – 1/2 small papaya
3. Lunch – mango (I’m not sure how much he ate, but somewhere between 1-2)
4. Snack – 3-4 soaked walnuts (I have to peel the skin, he won’t eat them otherwise)
5. Dinner 1st course – pineapple, about 1/2 small one, he left some in a bowl
6. Dinner 2nd course (about 1 hour later) – about 1/2 cup of steamed brown rice with mashed avocado and lightly salted with pink himalayan salt (he likes savory foods with salt and eats them better like that, so I guess is lesser of two evils).

troy3 (2)
He loves to go shopping and keeps the wallet in his hands, he is paying and interacting with ladies at the market.

Here is a table of calories and nutrients, image copied from CRON-O-METER.com:

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.47.00 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.47.23 PMWhen I put the food on the chart I see that it was way too much calories than he usually eats, now I know why he wasn’t finishing his portions. I am sometimes worry a little that he doesn’t eat enough calories, but I guess I should not be. I also learned something from doing this, I hope it helps you to make good decisions and food choices. Troy feels great and thrives on this lifestyle, just like the other two Maya and Travis.

troy3 (3)

With Troy I have different dilemma. He developed temper tantrums at about 1.5 years old. I never experienced that with Maya or Travis, so I’m kind of thrown into deep waters. I am about to prepare a blog post about it and share more, how I deal with that and how we handle it. Just to give you an idea, he can throw one for “no reason” (small issue like color of his straw or anything that he disagrees about), and it can last for 30-40 minutes. I really want to discuss that, so stay tuned.

troy3 (4)

I also have a surprise for you! I followed Troy with a camera about 2 months ago and recorded what he eats in a day. But there was no time to put it together. I have asked Kris last week if he could try, he spent last 2 days editing and it’s ready for you! You can see how this works in reality. Here is a link:





Today he learned how to eat mango straight out of the skin:troy3

troy3 (1)

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