TRAVIS is turning 6! – HELP us make his Birthday Wish come true!

Hello Everyone!

This post is going to be a bit different. I have actually never done this before, but since we are so far away, for a while now, I think you guys can help me out. This time I have a little request for you… 🙂

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Are you a fan of Travis?
Would you like to do something for him?
Here is your chance!

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Travis is going to be 6 years old – I KNOW! – very soon, on 20th of July. We are going to make his Birthday very special.  He mostly wishes to see his friends and play with them, but he said that he would love to get a lot of toys at the same time, not only one, that we usually buy for him.
Since the party will not be huge and the kids are lately missing their family, friends and favorite places, receiving letters from you would make them super happy. You can throw in the mail anything you want that a 6 year old would like, books or toys are most welcomed, and I’m sure that are going to give him so much fun! I remember from my growing up time, receiving a letter was always a very special thing, a great feeling of having someone who cares, today a bit forgotten way.

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Travis is a very special child. He was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago, when he wasn’t really talking much and barely making eye contact. He was spending a lot of time playing alone and doing his own routines. We faced many challenges back then, he taught us many lessons. Today he is a very bright kid, who can speak English better than his own Polish language. He has “bad days”, when he doesn’t cooperate so well. But lately he is mostly playful and happy, engaging into a lot of Maya’s ideas and having fun. It was so much of hard work for those last three years but we are glad we did it and not going to stop.

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I know the time frame is very short and it might be not enough for mail to arrive on his Birthday, but it’s ok. Next year I will make sure to post about it sooner 🙂 Haha – like I already know I will do it!

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If anyone of you wanted to support Travis’s birthday, I am not going to stop you. Here is our address in Thailand (please make sure it is correctly written):

141 Moo 6, Thambol Patoom, 
Amphoe Phrao, Chiang Mai 50190

We will take pictures and make a video about it, that we will share with you!

travis - 1 (5)

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Yours truly,
Ullenka <3

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  1. Nicole

    Did you help Travis with his autism by raw foods? My son is 5 and is moderate on the spectrum. I want to try anything to help him and have been considering raw foods. Can you please give me any information you know on the topic. Thank you!!

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