“THE FRUIT CURE” – how to heal eczema

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Maya had eczema since she was a baby. She is 9 years old, healthy and beautiful girl today. About 1.5 year ago, after years of struggle, error and trial I finally found a way to help her by doing some  dietary and behavioral changes. After Maya has recovered I decided to publish her results and share this method with many other families. I have started to receive messages and I have been asked for help since. Because it is such a complex advice, that would take several hours if not days to explain, I decided to write a Book that will include all the information about diet and lifestyle, with advice, tips and motivation.

Eczema is just a symptom of a problem inside a body. It’s a tip of an iceberg. Most doctors are only treating the skin, when majority of the problem is located in the digestive system. Natural and clean diet can heal eczema by treating the cause – an iceberg that is hiding inside your body. Do you want to know HOW? The answer is here and the support you need is in my eBook: “The Fruit Cure”.

For all my readers I decided to create a space, where everyone could reach out for support, that is really an amazing tool during initial period of transition and detox:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefruitcure/ (free access for all my readers)
The members share their personal healing stories, there is an open discussion, as well as I am answering questions and helping directly.

Click here to check the table of content plus a few pages of my ebook:
I am looking to be working with you and seeing your eczema gone.


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