What da fruit is Candida? – exposing untold truth.

Candida – a lifesaving organism or a dangerous pathogen?

I am glad to see that people talk more about candida issue these days. I see it as underlying cause of so many health issues. It is such small organism, not even taken seriously, but yet so dangerous when becomes a pathogenic fungi from lifesaving yeast culture. This happens for different reasons – vaccines, old tooth fillings, bad diet, overeating sugars and processed foods, stress, etc. The list is quite long.

But generally candida overgrowth is not really considered by doctors as a form of disease. It is rather omitted and overlooked. Well, first of all it is hard to diagnose and requires special tests. I know a great way to test for it is doing microscope blood test on a living drop of blood. It is becoming quite popular in States. I was able to do that in Poland, very close to where we live. On that test you can see blood cells, how are they doing and what is around them. All kinds of parasites and candida fungus too. In my new Book I explained all the details about this test, also by comparing Maya’s results (before/after), explaining the candida process in the body, so you understand why the rules are so important during the healing process.

Enlargement of blood cells

Enlargement of blood cells

To anyone who has eczema I highly would recommend doing that test to make sure that you have or have not a candida overgrowth. I personally did not meet anyone who has eczema without having candida and if any of you will test negatively, please write to me. I want to study more.

Aggregation caused by acid forming diet (highly processed foods, too little alkalizing fresh foods)

Aggregation caused by acid forming diet (highly processed foods, too little alkalizing fresh foods)

Back in 2013, when we have tested Maya’s blood for parasites I have heard for the first time about Candida yeast and Candida pathogenic fungi form. Part of eczema symptoms on skin is just the toxic load from this fungal form. Candida is a living creature and just like any other it eats and it releases toxins. This is usually why the flare up is bigger when we start a diet. It puts candida in a survival mode and it is releasing more toxins to just protect itself. It is called the die-off syndrome.

It is good to be aware of that and not worry too much when going through this part of treatment. It could last quite long, depending for how long you had it and how it was treated before. Our Candida was trained very well on many diets and starved as well. It is harder to get a rid of it.

This is what a food should look like - no package, no labels, no ingredient list. And this is what you become when you eat it.

This is what a food should look like – no package, no labels, no ingredient list. And this is what you become when you eat it.

There is an amazing way of stopping candida overgrowth in just few days, by doing a few very simple but important adjustments in the menu. It is a key information in this diet and all the success is based on that. To help with detox and restoration of your digestive system there are many other things necessary to know about fruits and vegetables. How to combine them, what to eat and what not to eat, what to avoid for a little while and what is very harmful. There are few chapters about this in my book, I explained everything in the smallest details for you.

Eat bananas when look like this - brown sugar spots are a sign that starch has converted already into simple sugars

Eat bananas when look like this – brown sugar spots are a sign that starch has converted already into simple sugars

I was battling candida before with so many low sugar diets. THEY ARE ALL WRONG! All of them create a bigger problem, because they starve this organism so it creates survival forms in the system, and it unfortunately makes huge damage to intestine walls. At the end it is not possible to get rid of candida anyway, because we need it in our body. When doing herbal cleanse and not using proper diet, the treatment is only working temporarily. Candida pathogenic form will grow back quickly when diet is incorrect. It is a vicious cycle of killing it, but leaving survival forms, which will let candida grow back quickly due to feeding it with wrong diet. It will damage intestines even more and we are killing it again and it again will grow back and on and on an on.

Alkalizing strawberries

Alkalizing strawberries

Low carb diets are a dead end. I have done them, many of them, it was only doing bad things to my kids. I recently found  this saying – “When you hit the wall you should turn around” – I was banging my head for way too long before I realized to do the turn, but I’m still glad that I did.
I did not realize how those diets are really dangerous! Brain is starving and the body has no energy on low carb diet. The kids were lacking strength and energy that resulted in their bad moods most of the time. You can see that on our early you tube videos, from beginning of 2014. The videos are in polish language at that time, but the effect is visible there anyway. Here is a link:


So what candida is exactly having to do with issues like eczema or allergy. In my opinion it is actually very possible that it is also connected to asthma, acne, migraine, celiac and many other health issues, even autism, adhd and any autoimmune disorder. All of these patients should first test for candida and treating it may definitely start having the results. Candida overgrowth is damaging intestines creating tiny holes with its leg (visible only in really big enlargement under microscope). Through these holes, tiny particles of food are getting into a bloodstream, as well as toxins. This is a huge load for the body to clean. Liver and kidneys cannot handle it all, so it goes through the skin, our largest organ.

Eat your greens!

Eat your greens!

That is what I am doing – keeping my kids body in balance with good easy to digest food, that lets the intestines to heal back. Little baby Troy is a first survivor of Candida, he was able to recover within three weeks and since then he never had symptoms again. He is thriving on fruits and greens, but nibbling a lot of things like nuts, seeds etc. I already let him have a bit of rice here and there, he does not like potatoes though, stemmed veggies sometimes. He never reacted to any of these things, but his intestines were not damaged like Maya’s. He almost never ate gluten, he never had dairy, meat for only short period of time, maybe 3-4 weeks. At the end he chooses smoothie himself and doesn’t want a soup anymore. He has the drive toward raw foods most of us all.

Alkalizing cucumbers are also hydrating. Best quality of water your body needs.

Alkalizing cucumbers are also hydrating. Best quality of water your body needs.

How stress and other factors relate to eczema, as many of you wrote to me, that food is not the only thing. Yes it is not the only thing, but only when condition is there. It was the same with Maya. When her skin was bad it was getting much worse when she was exposed to other stress factors, like: excitement, high temperature, hunger, some clothes, animals, dust, pollen. Everything seem to make it worse, especially during flare ups.

Eczema is making person sensitive to many things, but only because candida overgrowth is there. Eliminating this issue eliminates hypersensitivity to any other allergen.

Sensitivity to foods will clear up however, once their intestines are healed, like I said that before, it will take individual time depending on current condition and being
This is my theory based on my children’s case. I am still observing them and I hope one day I can have a clear picture of this and more helpful information to many of you out there. In my book I explain this connection even better now, there is a chapter about stress and other factors that are connected to eczema.


Since I have put so much time, energy and heart into this I have decided to write a book, a complex guide to help more people at the same time and give them very detailed information about everything they need to know prior to start. Book is written from the heart, with my best intentions of helping you to understand why and what works. It is a guide with all the details to safely use that method, for babies and adults. This book may save you 100’s of dollars you have to spend each year on creams and lotions, doctor’s appointments, treatments, supplements but most importantly it may end your suffering and will give you your life back, that you deserve.

Kids best friend - super alkalizing fruit, eat in abundance, but better before eating any other fruit, due to it's quick digestion time.

Kids best friend – super alkalizing fruit, eat in abundance, but better before eating any other fruit, due to it’s quick digestion time.

You can purchase my eBook here: eBooks

14 Thoughts on “What da fruit is Candida? – exposing untold truth.

  1. Lola on 07/17/2016 at 7:17 pm said:

    What about good oils fe coconut oil ? It makes candida worst? I took every day few spoons with oregano oil :-/. I still feel very bad but the worst thing is bad body odour ,why ? How to fight ? I’m depressed:-( Br

  2. Lola on 07/17/2016 at 7:13 pm said:

    What about good oils fe coconut oil ? It makes candida worst? I took every day few spoons with oregano oil :-/. I still feel very bad but the worst thing is bad body odour ,why ? How to fight ? I’m depressed:-(

  3. user1 on 06/03/2016 at 8:04 am said:

    Could you explain how it’s possible that eating fruits, especially watery fruits like watermelon from which natural sugar is easily absorbed to the blood can help fighting candida overgrowth, while after eating the same amount of artificial sugar candida would flourish?

  4. It is through the diet only, because candida is an effect of bad diet combined with stress, lifestyle and lack of sun/excercise. In my ebook is all written step by step. It is a lot of information, not possible to write in here a sufficient advice. Book is available through the e-store on the blog.

  5. Mary on 08/26/2015 at 4:05 pm said:

    Hi, thank you so much for your post. How can one clear up candida? My sister is 21 and has been suffering from eczema since she was a baby. Lately, it has gotten a lot worse and is all over her body. What is the best way to clear up the candida overgrowth?

    Thank you!

  6. admin on 01/08/2015 at 6:48 am said:

    We have a you tube channel, we post weekly about us, diet, travelling, kids, homeschooling etc. Link is in “about us” section.

    Changing bad habits took us a long time. Don’t be hard on yourself. One day at a time is best way. Start from breakfast. It’s the easiest. Make smoothies together. Don’t give other food choices. Our son Travis is autistic and you can imagine how hard it was for him. But we manage it one day at a time. I have many struggles too. You will be ok.

  7. Valery on 01/04/2015 at 4:19 am said:

    My son 7 whit sever eczema since 2years now ( thank’s to talk about the candida)i go test him..How I’m gonna put him on this special diet ( who look for pretty cool and simple to me!)do you have some special trick? just to see your Daughter on the video’s might help!I’ll try to find some vegan inspiration people!!Also, what natural thing do you applied on the dry(eczema) skin? Thank’s for you share.I do my best to change bad food habit but I’m so far of where you at to…one day at the time.

  8. admin on 11/07/2014 at 1:29 pm said:

    Yes! We call it a miracle, because we have forgotten what our diet supposed to be. If it is what it was designed I guess the miracle is happening like finding a missing puzzle. So great to know you are doing so fabulous! I think the same way that it might be tricky with cooked foods. I probably will try anyway because they miss that so much, but I will wait up to 2 years from the start and start with very little and not even every day. I think mostly safe are sweet potatoes, not sure about rice. I wish to stay raw vegan, but it is socially really difficult at times. I personally also like the comfort that cooked food gives and I know how big change it is.
    Hope that you will also heal your digestive system and be able to enjoy a little bit of that some time soon.
    I am still most grateful that there is a way, even if it’s not the easiest, but still so much better than living with this problem unsolved. Much love to you!

  9. admin on 11/07/2014 at 1:24 pm said:

    Hi, Sorry to hear that. From my experience it looks like your body reacts properly to this change. It is called detox. If it is really bad it means you have a lot to cleanse. My daughter was the same way as there are many others. Especially after low carb diets the candida is really strong and trained to survive, so when it gets first on carbs it of course flourish. But once you are not adding fat to your diet you let the candida clear up from blood stream after sugar consumption. I explained that in my blogs.
    The reaction at first can last up to few months, going through stages of break outs and healing until it stops.
    Please read carefully my previous blogs. Lot’s of advice there. But you can ask if something is not clear of course. Read up more, think and prepare. If you stay consistent and patient you will see the results. It may take a while but it was worth for us.

  10. Farrah on 11/07/2014 at 9:53 am said:

    I’ve been struggling with candida for a few years and the only thing that seems to make me feel normal is a low carb diet 🙁 I’ve tried going raw vegan for about two weeks and in that time my acne flared up really bad, and I was bloated alllllll the time… Even having as little as one piece of fruit per day makes my symptoms come back. It sucks because I’d love to eat raw but I dont know what to do :'( my body feels better on low-carb but my energy, as you said, is always so low… Do you have any advice? Thx!! <3

  11. Annette on 11/03/2014 at 11:56 pm said:

    This is truly amazing that beautiful fruits and veggies can bring about a miracle. I have had eczema since 2years old and all the medicines and creams never cured it. But when I went raw at the age of 52 my eczema cleared up, it took a while, went thru stages of break outs. But after 1 1/2 years it disappeared. I did go and try cook vegan foods like steamed veggies and vegan meals with some spices. That is when my eczema came back, still being lowfat vegan, so I have to stay lowfat raw. When I eat any cook or processed vegan foods I break out. So happy for your daughter and your family that you have found the miracle you and your family needed. Best wished to all of you! <3

  12. admin on 10/30/2014 at 7:15 am said:

    thank you 😉

  13. Miriam on 10/29/2014 at 11:41 pm said:

    Here’s the link I told you about on IG 🙂



  14. Thank you for this in-depth explanation. I’m sure you will help many people! XOXO, Holly

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