Eczema and allergies – our recovery story part 2

Here is Maya’s journey to clear skin and healthy body.

Let pictures tell the story of this brave and tough little girl of mine:

This is the picture you know from Instagram, just better quality.

This photo you know very well. I took few good photos of Maya, at the beginning to compare for myself, because I could not see any difference at first.

It was saturday morning, just few days since we started. Kids are watching movie.

First days were really exciting. Kids got really creative, especially Maya. She loved doing all kinds of simple salads and play with her food.

maya2 (7)
Evening salad plater – lettuce boats with simple guacamole (no onion, no tomatoes) and cucumbers, sprouts, some pomegranate, 1 radish.

I was very excited to see the results. But there was not so much changing yet. The flare ups were coming and going as usual. The only thing was different, Maya was scratching much less, especially directly after meals. It was rather a positive sign.

maya2 (6)
First watermelon this season.

We we’re certainly watching a miracle happen and day by day, Maya’s skin was lighter, calmer, smoother, less and less aggressive, less scaly and patches of white, clear skin started to show on her face. It was clearing up.

I have decided to write all this in my eBOOK and keep working on this method to be helping more and more people fight the eczema and have a healthy skin again. I am currently working with a large group of people on Facebook support group “The Fruit Cure – heal your eczema” and waiting for you to join! We are sharing our journeys there, finding comfort, help, encouragement, advice, answers to questions and generally all kinds of support needed. This awesome group is the first step for me to create a detailed ECZEMA PROGRAM with DIET PLAN etc, that hopefully I will finish soon.

Here is one of the members message:



maya2 (9)
At this point her skin started to fade out a bit and more often it wasn’t as red as before. However it was very dry and rather scaly.
maya2 (12)
Cherry season was so much fun!
art_2 (1)
Troy, two weeks into a diet. His eczema is almost gone.

I was waiting for something to happen so much. And the fist one came really fast. After just a couple of weeks I started to notice big changes in our baby boy Troy. He had really bad eczema too, but since it wasn’t for long and he never ate gluten, milk or any processed food, he was clearing up very fast. It took 3-4 weeks for him to have completely clear skin. Once I saw his progress I knew this is the right way to go. He was our light.

maya2 (11)
Coconut egg. That’s how they called it. Young coconut meat. I wish to afford it more often.

Finally after few more weeks something amazing happened………..

maya2 (14)
About 3 months later. Kids faces have changed. Maya’s eyes were different and wide open, she smiled so much and her skin was softer.

We started to see our daughter’s face again. It was about 3 months into diet. The spots got smaller and pale, I started to see parts of really clear skin. Especially on her forehead. She still had a lot to go, but it was fading away. This time for real. She also was scratching only very little. I could see the difference now. And guess what she did? Maya took her first bath since almost a year! She wouldn’t get into the water ever before. It was too painful. Real struggle was also her hair. Quickly becoming greasy but so hard to wash, when her neck and face was all inflamed. We managed to do that somehow, but I was washing her hair not more then once a month. Mostly because water was making her skin so much more inflamed. You can imagine how amazing it felt for her to have the water running over her body. It was a short shower and we quickly pat her with a towel to dry the delicate skin. After 1 hour I only put a bit of vaseline in places so she could straighten her arms without breaking skin again. But after a couple of weeks I did not have to do that anymore. She started to go regularly to the water and it was clearing up the skin so well too.

maya2 (17)
She looks healthier and happier the whole nine yards.

We just kept our diet and stay outside in the sun as much as possible.

maya2 (18)
Carob – banana ice cream on the hot afternoon.

In the middle of August her skin got so beautiful, almost like velvet. The water rinsed out the old particles of skin so well. It was still a bit dry in places with very few spots on the body, but I could say that it was gone. She also looked better generally – hair and eyelashes grew back, her face even changed shape, her skin was so lit up, no more circles under her eyes, even her eyes changed the color a bit and she just was radiating with happiness.

maya2 (19)
Having fun on rainy days.

We are going to continue with diet. We were trying for over 3 weeks to add some steamed potatoes at dinner and last week 1-2 steamed veggies. Kids miss cooked foods a bit so it satisfied their cravings. But I have noticed that they are not ready yet.

maya2 (20)
Week after taking photo posted on Instagram. She is confident, fun and wanted to pose for me, just for girly fun.

This Blog update/20-07-2015:

It’s been almost a year since I wrote that post. Maya is continuing to look great. You can always check out our Facebook page for frequent updates and pictures of the kids. All of the kids are progressing and I can see their immune system are stronger and stronger day by day. Maya is also feeling great. We just have had a couple of mild detoxing flare ups during this period of time, but each time it cleared up nicely. From my perspective today I see this process can be very confusing. I was receiving so many emails and messages from you guys. I was able to help parents with babies, small kids, and some adults as well. Receiving pictures with the results was so awesome to see! Click here to see some of the TESTIMONIALS from my readers.

Tonight this one was shot especially for all of you. Thank you for your trust and support.


With all the love,


Sorry for poor quality of some photos from the difficult times, these are the only ones we took since we were trying to rather hide her condition, today I am thinking, why I was even ashamed of that?  Glad we have these at least..

GET my eBooks and JOIN the support GROUP on FACEBOOK. Don’t wait. Start your healing journey today and say goodbye to eczema forever!! Let me help you.

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  1. Mimi

    I’m just wondering, do you have almond milk?
    My brother has suffered from atopic dermatitis since he was little, but when he hit the age of 16 it got even worse. For the past five years he has been dealing with horrible flare ups, at first he feels extremely tired, following that his skin becomes red raw and sore and sometimes if he touches it, it cracks open. It’s also very weepy. It then becomes very dry and starts peeling everywhere. This happens over 4-5 days.
    We have been tried a lot of things from Chinese herbal medicines to immunosuppressants. When he was younger he used a lot of steroid creams so his skin is now very thin from that.
    I’m hoping your diet will help, the struggle now is to convince him to do it and stick with it.
    Thank-you for sharing your stories.

  2. Ullenka

    Keep us updated, be patient, it takes time. For us, after two years now, I can see that Maya is nearly fully healed on the inside. Her skin is amazing and she shines with energy, beauty and health. Diet is not easy at times, but we got used to it and prefer to manage the food than the skin. Wish you all the best and stay strong for your son. He will thank you for it when he will grow up. It is a big investment in his health. Love, Ullenka.

  3. Carlos Osorio

    thank you for sharing your story. My son has the exact same thing… I just learned about your blog through a friend, and feel desperate for a permanent cure. My wife and I are tired of creams, pills, and of seeing him suffer from this condition. We have started changing our diets for him, and I hope to see a difference like maya.

  4. adminU

    Hi Martin. I understand your impatience, because it is hard to deal with the detox and this condition daily all the time. I have been there with Maya and I know how you feel. I really do. At the same time please try not to push it too much. It is also a stress that you don’t need right now, try to accept this process, relax and be patient. You can of course try the fasting, because I know it can help with getting into a deeper detox and body is able to find and destroy hidden toxins. But this may not necessary speed the detox process up, as far as I am concerned. My advice here is to try to relax and let the body do it’s job. Maybe use some cream if really necessary for you on your face (try only one without hormones) to feel better when you go outside, but try to minimize that.
    As I said in the book, the eczema is a sign that system is entirely overloaded with toxins. The intestines, liver, pancreas, kidneys are not working properly due too much toxins accumulated over long period of time. Eat a lot of watery fruits. I think watermelon island (if you can get watermelons right now) is one of best detoxing method, because of huge amount of amazing quality water and fiber running through the system without making it work hard to digest it. It is like a gentle sponge moving along the system. At the same time eating helps to stay positive, energized and happy. That is very important too. Do you have a possibility to take a vacation for 1-2-3 weeks now? Go and rest a lot some place quiet, with a friend or relative to get away for a while?
    I promise you will feel better soon. Stay positive, turn off main sources that are causing stress (don’t watch news, scary movies etc.). You cannot avoid stress entirely but you can accept things and deal with the stress the way that is not affecting you as much. I work on that technique with Maya. Deep breathing, trying to understand things and be ok with what other people do, accepting our surroundings, that sets us free from frustrations. I don’t know how much stress is involved in your case, but usually grown ups with eczema deal with a lot of it.
    Take care, you are going to be fine, just give yourself time. Ullenka.


    Hello, so yesterday I used hormonal cream to help my skin, today I used cream Protopic, that is really good and doesn´t contain any hormons. Also from today I decised to take 7 days without any meal. I think that here in Czech republic we don´t have such good quality of banans and you know some of them may contain blights that is just the oposit my body needs. So I believe that this will be the best for me and my body but I will stay on raw meal still after finishing this. Starving could help on eczema too right? In your book you put there some link to forum about starving and you say that it is sometimes more efficient right?

    God bless you
    Martin 🙂

  6. admin

    I am sorry to hear that. I know what are you going through. The thing is that the beginning is unfortunately going to be a bit like this. It is a detox and that is necessary for your body to get rid of toxins. This way the toxins do not end up in your organs, if that’s a bit of a good news. It’s all in the book, as you know. Try to relax more and keep resting if only possible. Work on accepting things as they are. Removing stress is not possible, but to learn dealing with it is much better. This will pass, trust me. It took Maya 1 month till it stopped and it started to go down from that point. Be patient, maybe use some cream when necessary on your face. Feeling better is the same important. You will reduce it within time. Stay hydrated and boost your greens. Add more to your smoothies in the morning. Greens are very cleansing. I’m with you. It is going to be okay.


    Hello today, I must say that I have failed – and today in the morning I used – had to use – hormonal cream cause my skin was so bad – and I was really desperate. I am now fully on raw diet so I will try to cure my skin with this cream to help them but on raw diet I think that eczema will not return at all. I am sorry but when I woke up and saw my dirth skin on my face and on ma head in my hears……I was like to strart crying.

  8. Martin

    Hello Ullenka. Thank you much and your are welcome :-).
    I ma a feeling that my eczema is worse than yesterday and all this day I was thinkinkg of using corticoid cream to help my skin but I will try to manage it. You have.not used corticoid cream for Maya? It is hormonal mast. I have agreed wit my wife that I will follow banana island till tomorow and from monday I will try meals you eat during this cure till another saturday and hope it will be better.

    What I am wonderign – what would happen if I would use this hormonal cream just to stop spreading eczema and help my skin to be better but still follo this diet of eating according your book. Do you think that body would react negatively? Cause I will help to stop this red places to apear and body will be also curing itself from fruits and green I would eat. Thank you for advice.

  9. admin

    Hi, I am happy to read that. Go to @deHappy5_mama on Instagram and scroll all the way down to my beginning, till you see “banana peel messages”

    You’re welcome and thank you for buying my books.

  10. Martin

    Hello again, so today I bought both books and I am loving them 🙂 I have also today started my banana island to eliminate eczema. Could you please help me find on instagram where is page you write step by step about your experience with banana island? I am not able to find it 🙂

    Thank you much
    Martin from Czech republic – Europe

  11. admin


    Yes, my kids ask about it and they are interested in old types of foods, when others eat it. Me too sometimes, especially the smell and when we are hungry it kicks off more. I think it is normal. We have a memory and there is nothing but the good connection in our brain that used to make us experience some kind of pleasure. I am still working on understanding this process better. I addressed many aspects of this concern in my book, and how we deal with it. When it comes to eczema it is unfortunately a big no-no to fall off the track, as it will mess up the results and also it’s confusing for our body. Best advice is always to eat till fully satisfied, without feeling hungry. It makes cravings go away. Smoothies are very helpful with that During banana island I particularly remember lack of any cravings.
    As far as traveling – we sold everything, but not the house yet. We have tenants in the house and an online business that let’s us continue living abroad. Thailand is particularly cheap, much cheaper than Europe, so it is even easier for us to live here. We are however constantly pushing our social media work to start being productive and bring us more income. I am planning on writing more ebooks and guides. It is not easy, we struggle a bit lately, especially with having enough time to work, but somehow we manage.
    I hope my book will answer many of your questions, as I have been told from those who read it.
    This is a long process and patience is crucial. Stress unfortunately is hard to avoid, but there is also a good chapter about that, because it matters how we deal with the stress not how we avoid it. I can relate as we have three kids and many little to big problems every day, chaos, disagreements etc.

    Thank you for purchasing my ebooks.
    It also lets us have some additional money to provide for our kids while helping someone with their problem in so much better way than my individual but limited advice (how much you can put in one message). The book is very complex and has a lot of information, explanation, facts and all my experience.

    Much love to you,

  12. Martin

    Hi, I would like to ask you if you or your kids don´t have sometimes appetite for hot dogs or hamburgers or just you know the wonderful smell of roasted steak with fresh bread…I am trying to fight it with my head cause I remember very good how it taste like.

    And my second question is – from your story your wrote that you sold your house and started 1 year tour so you lived from this money you got from your house right? but what then? you probably need money to buy foods etc.and I know how it is when you have mortgage on flat like me and needs to pay for it each month.

    Thank you much
    you can also write me to me email –

    Martin from Czech republic

  13. Martin

    Hello, I have found your web page and the fantastic results you have done with your kids and this is amazing. I would like to ask you one thing – have you tried mono diet? I am trying now to eat only 3 days apple to help body clean of ekzema and I think it will help. I read also about people that eat only banana. What is your opinion on this? do you think, that longer this diet may have bigger effect? like if not 3 days, try let´s say 12 days on apply of on banana?

    Thank you much
    Martin from Czech republic in the central Europe.

  14. admin

    Hi there!
    Great! Let us know how it goes, it will help. If for some reason you need more information, my book addresses eczema, but it can be as well applied on acne and other skin conditions.

    Good luck!

  15. Paulina

    wow! I am so moved by your journey and courage to try something new to help your kids.
    you’ve inspired me now to maybe start eating raw food and feel good for the first time. (and maybe get rid of my acne I’ve been fighting with for years as a bonus)

    thank you for sharing this!
    (greetings from polish girl also living abroad 🙂 )

  16. admin

    Hi Jillian! How are you doing on just vegan diet? Is it any better? Before you go on raw, maybe you try just lower your fat intake, go lo fat first it usually does a huge difference for the digestion. Try to read about raw till four option, it is easier to accept for parents. Generally however minimize starches over fruit and eat fruit only breakfast and lunch if you can. Cooked foods eat later and do not eat fruit with them or after. I am about to finish my book with all the details how I helped Maya and what works best, you may like it and find a lot of information there. But for now – FAT and STARCHES and food combining (read on these). Please keep me informed how you do and keep in mind it may take a long time. All depends how big the damage is and how much healing it needs. I am here to help you so write to me please if you need me. Keep taking pictures now and later. Face and if you could even more body parts. This can help some other people in the future. Much love and thank you for sharing your story. Ullenka

  17. jillian

    these stories (part I & II) are really just amazing and emotional. (yes I started crying because I could relate so well). I’m a seventeen year old girl from the Netherlands and I’ve been struggling with eczema for my entire life. Doctors told me I had to ‘deal’ with it. The spots were all over my back/arms/shoulders and they still are. People just don’t get how painful it is, this is literally so so so horrific. There were times I couldn’t even wear a bra or carry my schoolback, because it would hurt so much. I would put oil and all kinds of steroides on my back, just to stop the pain.. I am vegan now, but I will turn raw vegan very soon (as quick as my parents let me) and I only can hope it will cure me as it did with Maya. She is totally gorgeous + so do your other kids! you are a very very very good and dedicated mother. I can’t thank you enough for being an inspiration to others. you deserve to have found the solution for the troubles you had. bless you and thank you xxx

  18. admin

    Hi. In your case there might be some sort of food sensitivities as well as maybe a bit overeating on fats. To help you better I would like to know more about how and what you eat. For now I advice for free here on the blog or my Instagram, in the comments, it might also help another person, so please take some time and write down every single thing you ate in a day (be precise and make sure you mentioned everything, especially amounts and sources of fats and protein), but also describe to me what you eat generally, sort of write down your menu as a list. I will get back to you with my opinion. I am really sorry to know that your situation is not getting better, but maybe we will find a glitch, let’s try. Much love! Ullenka

  19. Sophie

    Hi Ullenka!
    I have severe eczema and I have gone through so many diets to try to heal it but to no success. Since the end of lasts year I went vegan and cut out refined sugar, dairy and gluten etc I suffered from the worst healing crisis where my eczema has gone 10X worse. Since about last year in October I recovered from the detox effects, but eczema was still there. During the detox the eczema spread, but it got to the point where my eczema had no longer as severe but covered more area. In December I cheated many times on my diet for Christmas and I suffered a very bad flare up. Then I went only fruit and veg since January it has gotten to the point where it just won’t heal any further! After recovering from my cheat, my skin is like back in October but it won’t heal any further at all! So it just gets to a point where it won’t get any better but sometimes gets worse. Since end of Febraury I have added at least 1litre of fresh green juice and lots of smoothies every day. I just don’t understand why it won’t heal. I have been trying with diet for about 8 months and it is no better. I just can’t understand why, so frustrating
    Thank you

  20. admin


    I know it is a lot of questions. It was very big change for us and still is. I honestly will say that kids are raw 100% with only 1 meal a week including cooked vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli (salad with addition of it). It is not easy for them. Me and my husband have some cooked vegan dinners, but still 801010, but trying to keep raw as much as possible. It is not easy for us coming from standard diet whole life. I noticed though that Troy has the least cravings and he is most going to try new foods.
    I am just starting my new you tube channel with recipes and tips and other practical knowledge. It may take a while to put there so much information, but I am trying. There is a whole collection of our family videos when we show what we eat during traveling etc.
    Are you guys polish ?

    1. quality of imported fruits is obvious, but it is unfortunate that only fruit has a quality to repair digestive system. however I was shopping in Lidl stores and other super markets, it was ok, still better than not doing it at all.
    2. We rather do not use juice but I highly recommend smoothies. Getting a good blender that will make a creamy smoothie is best option. You put there so much greens and some fruit she would not eat alone. Bananas are best base however lately we also love pineapple as it has more contrasting flavor to greens and tastes even better.
    3. Sun in any amount is always a good idea. We started traveling because of this diet. Still doing that. Now in Thailand. We spend months in Portugal and Spain before. Sun does 50% of the healing by increasing D production and better absorption of minerals. Very very big difference. Water – natural objects like lakes, ocean etc is another great factor. I could see a big difference when she was out on the sun and in the water everyday.
    Regards, Ullenka

  21. Marcin Brzostowski


    We are struggling with our daughter since she finished 6 months (now she’s 4,5 years old). She has a very bad eczema just like Maya did before diet. I know she’s still under process but results are more then any doctor can do. We are going to read a lot to build up our knowledge before starting new life. (RAW).

    I read through your blog and have some diet managing questions:
    1) How you find out fruits quality and availability in your home country? We live in Ireland now and most (90%) of fruits are imported and not during season too,
    2) Is it better sometimes to change fruit into juice ?(child doesn’t want to chew or eat. Fruit itself looks not cool enough, not taste good for child or any other issue she can have with it)
    3) Is it a good idea to go for sun holidays 1 month to sunny places like Portugal or Spain (south part) not only for sun but also for more choice in fruits and veges ?
    4) hundreds and hundreds other questions but will stick to last one – changing into raw from cooked vs money. Do you spend a lot more if you compare weekly/monthly grocery ? I know it might be a trivial question while we are talking about health but it would be great to know how this affects other parts of lifestyle.

    Kind regards and thank you for this blog

  22. admin

    Well, it is different if you don’t have to be strict. I was like that in the past. I was avoiding as much as possible. Today I avoid 100% because I have to. But your way is great and I think that a little bit won’t hurt unless it becomes an everyday thing.
    If you have no health issues you can cheat here and there, try something or simply take advantage during parties and social events. We cannot with our kids. However me and my husband, when kids are not around and if there is a situation that I am not prepared with my own food we make best choices possible. It doesn’t really affect our diet.

    I always bring own snacks and food for my kids to the parties. I am trying to bring more and share. I explained to them that some foods are just really unhealthy and some are just temporarily forbidden.

  23. admin

    Hi! Thank you. She has not been eating much tomatoes, only lately, really ripe and maybe once a week. Tomatoes and potatoes are from nightshade family (as well as eggplants). Read about that, it could give you an answer. I would advise to take a break and try in a longer while to eat really ripe seasonal tomatoes but not too mane and not too often.

  24. admin

    Well. It is so much to explain. Please read about candida, the next blog post. There is a link to drGraham’s video, who explains that best. Carefully listen and read about fats and proteins in diet and how much do we need.
    Hope that helps. Ullenka.

  25. Tiffany wheeler

    Ok I’m currently suffering from a candida overgrowth (hairs falling out and colitis just to name a few symptoms) my question is why all the fruit? How did you kill the candida while eating fruit? I would love love love to add fruit but I’m a little worried it will make the candida continue to grow. Help me out! 🙂 thanks!!!

  26. Lina

    Very inspiring post!
    I am having skin issues myself… Did Maya eat tomatoes throughout the raw journey?
    I feel like after I eat tomatoes my body itches, nothing crazy, just in random places.
    Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you.

  27. Soraya Sarcos

    I’m wondering if your kids go to school or playdates? How do you make it work with their friends? My kids eat super healthy, but I’m not that strict (with sodas and fast food I am super strict. They have never tried a soda, nor gone to McDonalds). So anyway, I’m thinking in introducing more raw fruits and veggies, and I’m thinking how do you make socialization work for kids. Do they go to birthday parties? Do they visit friends? Did they go trick or treating and asked to eat candies?

    Thanks again for sharing your story. It’s very inspiring.


  28. Bruna

    Thanks you very much.

  29. aleks

    Thank you very much!

  30. admin

    As far as I went out of my skin to find a way to help Maya, this diet/lifestyle is the only thing that actually worked. It certainly has cured baby Troy’s eczema in a blink of an eye – within just 3 weeks! As far as today he already can nibble things like some cooked rice, any nuts, some cooked veggies even bread (on a plane out of desperation we let kids have a bun served along with a meal instead of the meal which was some meat and pasta). Troy had no reaction at all, but Travis’s and Maya’s skin especially, reacted bad. Travis’s skin on his buttocks got dry and patchy, just not red. Maya on the other hand got red rash on her right cheek and neck, kind of like bad acne. I heard that gluten clears within 3-4 weeks. I hope it will pass soon, she got really scared how bad it is and how little thing can cause so much trouble.
    I hope you guys can give it a shot and if he will stay consistent and focused, keeping a diet for at lest two years without cheating (I specifically told you the story about the bun to realize how important is to not cheat) he may be able to reintroduce cooked low fat meals after, maybe gluten or dairy never, but there are so great foods to eat and good for health. Many people just choose not to eat gluten and processed foods.
    Please let him read a book “The 801010 diet” by dr Graham, first before start. It will give you a huge perspective what this diet is and what it does to the body. Experimenting while he is in such bad shape can turn bad for him. He needs light foods, really simple meals, easy to digest. I would give him only fruits now and lots of leafy greens. For at least 1-2 months till fat is rinsed out of his body. After that he can have very little fat like 1/4 avocado with simple salad every other day. The less the better. For grown up there is enough fat in fruits and veggies (5-10%) as well as proteins. All this knowledge is in that book. It helped me tremendously and will help you too. He can be free of eczema. Life with diet may not be easy at the start, but is life with eczema?

  31. Aleks

    My brother has suffers from Eczema probably since he was 16, and it has only gotten worse now that he is 20. My parents have tried so many alternatives it’s insane. Allergy medications, steroids (which is the only thing that can calm him when it’s really bad, but after he stops the ezcema comes back), ozone therapy. etc. There are times when he can’t sleep, sometimes he can’t move some fingers because they will bleed if he moves, his skin could break. I have no idea how he can live like that. I have a little bit of ezcema, just on one finger, but it almost gone sometimes it itches but that’s it. When it was really bad and spreading I was desperate. When I saw your girl’s face after some months, it gave me hope and maybe the solution is closer than we think. Thanks 🙂

  32. admin

    Yes, just like you described, but after mono island (banana or some other fruit) I would keep a lot of monomeals during the day. Read about food combining – it is quite important and works wonders to use it.

  33. admin

    Cooked diet slows digestion that’s why you have problems with constipation.
    On raw diet there is no such thing. They use to do so many times a day. Today is quite different, rather regular, not too often but always soft.

    For us Gaps and Scd diets did not work at all.

    I was scared of the same thing, if I give my kids fruits they will explode with candida and Maya is going to look like…..

    But we switched diet without any transition at all. Just text day they started eating fruits. I was petrified to see her skin inflamed so badly, but it did not happen. It pretty much stayed the same, maybe a bit more at the very beginning. After that its was going down for few months till it has cleared.

  34. admin

    No. On raw diet there is rather opposite, but becomes quite normal within time.

  35. admin

    I hope our blog and you tube are good information for a start. Read also materials I recommend do you do it right.

  36. admin

    Read carefully my blog – there are many things you could apply to your situation. I put there a list of books and links that are great to learn things and use some good knowledge.

    If later you still have questions – sure you can ask me.

    Your question now is very “general” and I can only answer – change your diet, read a lot before you do it, so you do it right, keep it up for a while and be patient to wait for the results.

  37. admin

    1) Oranges and lemons may be too sour for a start, however only when eaten alone. I would stay away from oranges for now but use lemon in salads, as a dressing. Sprinkle it on melons etc. Not on sweet fruits though. Lemon is great alkalizer and its very good.

    2) Yes, she had. She had so many different things hard to even describe. She is still healing.

    3) I don’t think anyone is ever too old. I know Freelee the banana girl’s mom overcame eczema by 801010 diet in recently. If you be patient and willing to commit 100% I think you will succeed. Just be ready for a couple of years for the final result. Your skin may improve faster, but I don’t know if you will be ready for any cooked foods yet. For Freelee it took 7 years to try any cooked food.

    Much love, Ullenka

  38. Muna

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve suffered from eczema on my hands for years and I have lost faith in Meds and other methods. I want to commit to this lifestyle but I have a few questions. How long did you eat bananas for? For example would you focus on one particular fruit for a few days and then move on or is it basically a diet of many fruits and greens no matter what type??

  39. Erika

    I’m so glad that you found something that worked for your family. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that she has candida and eating an abundance of fruit. I know that I have heard that it’s not just a candida issue, but a gut issue. If the gut gets healed then the candida will disappear. So was the candida inflamed at all when she started? If so, how long did it take to subside? I battle with yeast and ic. Which is inflamed lining of the bladder. So everything that gets eaten goes through the bladder. So all fruits and lots of veggies are out for me. For me drinking bone broth and eating protein has been working the best for me. I would be scared to even touch a banana because it has so much sugar in it. I also wanted to ask you about their stools if possible. Were the regular or constipated? That is another thing that I deal with is bad constipation? Best regards.

  40. Lilian

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You gave me hope. I have a baby that has been battling with severe eczema since she was 2 months old. If its not to much to ask, would really hope you could share or email me your methods or menu for baby Troy. Thank you so much!!

  41. dewi

    One more is your daughte has constipation also?

  42. dewi

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I will love to hear more stories as I am strugling to heal my daughter for over a year now. I am glad found your blog. Is your daughter has leaky gut also? I will watch all your video too. Thanks a see a light at the end of tunnel. XOXO Dewi, GBU and your beautiful family!

  43. Viviana Maldonado

    Hi, this is an amazing story an trully inspiring for me.
    Im 22 years old, i live in Barranquilla, Colombia and i’m a medical student. I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis by my dermatologist, i suffer from allergies all the time and i also have hypoglycemia. I would like to know what can i do, what should i eat in order to improve my condition, its horrible how i can’t manage it even with medication. i would thank your answer.

  44. Bruna

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing your storie!!!!! I have eczema since 3 months old (I´m 27 now) and in the last few years i´ts gotten really bad. It looks a lot like Maya´s.
    I was really desperate until I saw your post, my doctor wants me take a very strong drug called Ciclosporin, but I´m very afraid to take. I wanted to show your blog to her, but she didnt even take a look and said I was to old to try this diet.

    Can you please answer a few quesntion?

    – I heard oranges and lemons are not good for eczema, is that true?
    – Nowdays, besides the eczema I have some open wounds that is inflamed (with pus). Did Maya get those to?
    – Do you know about any adults who try the diet and worked? Im I to old?

    I´m from Brazil, so Im sorry if wrote something wrong.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You gave me hope.

    Love for you and your family.

  45. admin

    Thank you. It means a lot to us. Much love to you Holly!

  46. admin

    Hi, for few months we avoided citrus and most veggies except leafy greens. Foods too acidic and too fibrous are more difficult on your gut. After some time I started giving small amounts of tomatoes and carrots. Some nuts and seeds. No things like raw cauliflowers or broccoli. I would not recommend that for long time.
    I understand the problem in your position. If you eat those really really ripe (kiwi and pineapple that turns almost clear like jelly) it might be a good option too. Oranges also must be really ripe. Best for start are melons, but very ripe fruits are always good.
    What about grapes or persimmons? It’s in season now.

  47. admin

    Sounds wonderful! Please keep us updated. Much love!

  48. admin

    Thank you so much. Much love!

  49. admin

    Thank you. Please keep us updated about the progress. So glad we can inspire. Much love!

  50. holly c.

    It’s so awesome that you found a way to help beautiful Maya and your handsome boys! Keep up the good work, you lovely parents! XOXO Holly

  51. Elle

    Hello, it’s so wonderful to hear such stories of healing, and the power of fresh fruits and vegetables! Thank you so much for taking your time to document your journey and sharing your message. I myself along with my family and friends also suffer from eczema that ranges from just arms to face and wondering if Maya avoid certain fruits/vegetables? Such as citrus, kiwi and pineapples? Where i live bananas and melons are not very cheap but kiwi, oranges and pineapples are quite cheap. Could you please give a list of fruits you would avoid? also with vegetables did Maya avoid tomatoes or any other vegetables?

    thank you so much! xx

  52. Melissa

    Thank you so much for the details and encouragement!!! I think I will take my family to Banana Island next Monday. We are ready for a change.

  53. Vera

    Last picture is very beautiful! Amazing creativity! So happy for you and your family finding this way of leaving! God bless!

  54. Julie-Ann Hawkins

    Thank you so much for sharing! Truly inspiring! I look forward to progressing my family’s plan after a lot more reading.

    All the very best to you and your beautiful family.

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