Ullenka’s NEW PASSION!

Don’t you just love when you discover a new thing and you want to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I have re-discovered this simple smoothie and can’t get enough of it!

passion 2It all has started with getting these beautiful PASSION FRUITS from my friend Jessica, who took an effort and brought it all the way from Chiang Mai for me. There is no chance to get this fruit in here outside the high season. Phrao is really weird with some of their customs.

passion 3 Than Jessica has told me her favorite smoothie lately but I only had two other ingredients at the moment. Well, it was just enough – bananas and mangos.passion 5 Passion Fruit has an amazing flavor and it’s sweet’n’sour fruit with crunchy seeds and very juicy flesh. It could be a perfect dressing for salad or a sauce over ice cream.passion 6

The recipe is super simple:
– 5 frozen Bananas
– 1 fresh Mango
(blend till smooth)
– sprinkle with juice of 5 Passion fruits

passion 7

The texture is extra creamy and neither tastes like bananas or mangos. Tastes like completely new sweet and yummy fruit. It’s thick and if you freeze the Mango it could be even better, I am going to try tomorrow. Soft serve ice cream.passion 8This is a breakfast+desert in one. Perfect meal. It has everything your body needs for the next few hours. All the vitamins and enzymes, simple sugars for the brain, small amount of proteins and fats, that is just enough and two most important things, that processed food DO NOT HAVE:

1) best quality filtered natural water
2) high amounts of insoluble fiber

Those two things make a difference that your body will thank you for. Water will hydrate your cells and fiber will release the sugar slowly, so your blood has no high sugar levels even if you eat very sweet breakfast. Replace your breakfast with fruit.

passion 4

passion 1
Explaining what is passion fruit and how it looks like. Travis said that it’s smells really terrible – haha – but his reactions are usually like that to all new and strange looking fruits.

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    Love passion fruit and mango.have to try your recipe ???

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