They drive me Bananas!

This is just a short one, but I want to share it with you since it was so funny.

I always keep most fruit that I buy in the morning in the trunk of the car…

banana story 5

When it was time to leave Warm Heart the other day, I went back to the car  and what I see? Some of the boys steeling my bananas… to  eat them! It actually made me so happy that they reach out for fruit, so I gave them one more round. They were laughing, running around and they put on those cute banana-cups on their heads…

banana story 4

What a funny end of the day.

banana story
This is Lohpoo, also called “A”. He is the oldest one of the three brothers that got nicknamed “A, B and C” when came to Warm Heart.

Hope you like the photos. These children are so open minded, so funny and lovable. It was really great moment.

banana story 2
They really drove me banana!

Follow for more stories of those greatest children I have ever met…!

Love. Ullenka.

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    Regards U.

  2. Lina baua

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