Becoming Nomads

When you don’t like something – change it! So did we.

Germany, getting some food for our car and breakfast coming up

This year we have made a final decision – we want to change everything about our life. So we emptied the house, moved out and put it on a market to sell. We have tenants at the moment till it is sold. We have sold lots of our stuff, have given away and just thrashed what’s left. We have made just minimal plans where to go first and when, and then last weekend of June 2014 we have packed our car with most necessary things, grabbed the kids, said goodbyes and headed of to the West.

Our fruit-mobile fully packed with our stuff. All in banana boxes.
Our fruit-mobile fully packed with our stuff. All in banana boxes.

We just had planned first three weeks. The rest was a mystery and general wondering.  And that is how we do it. We go to a place and enjoy it while looking for another one. First week we have spent on the road traveling to our first destination in Spain.

road_spain 8
Our breakfast on the road. We are packing lots of watermelon for a day in fun park near by, that we were going to visit.
road_spain 9
I cut actually 4 medium sized melons including breakfast and it was all gone by the end of the day.

We got our sleeping gear – a tent and all the rest, but we haven’t used it even once yet! We just slept in the car. Why? It was easier, faster and many times just warmer than outside. We got comfy pillows, materaces and blankets. The kids were really comfy, and us pretty good too.

road_spain 7
Travis sleeping in the morning, comfy, doesn’t want to wake up.

In the middle of our trip to Spain we stopped in Switzerland and visited our Instagram friend Cindy @sweetansamble who let us to rest for a day at her amazing home. Such wonderful experience to meet someone you know just virtually! It was also great to get a decent night sleep and take a hot shower.

Meeting Cindy in person was most amazing experience!

Next day we were on the road again. Two days later already in Spain. And we got there. How was the place? We did not know at all what to expect there. And we were very nicely surprised.

Screenshot 2014-07-23 14.57.32
The Cortijo from outside
cortijo 2
Living Room
cortijo 1
entrance to second part of Cortijo, with another living room space and another kitchen
cortijo 1 (1)
view from front of the house, onto very nice near by village Nijar
homegrown lemons from the trees growing few feet away from cortijo
trip 4
Lemon Alley just next to our Cortijo

Our Cortijo was huge – 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and plenty of living space. It was wonderful to stay there when the heat hit. Kris had to work few hours a day so we did not have to pay any money for the place. It was a great deal. Places like this can cost  500 Euros a week or even more. We used a pool located at the main house, which was so awesome while this hot.

pool (1)
Cozy pool surrounded by palm trees with a mountain view…
cortijo 3
Near the pool amazing trees, terraces and patios to hide in the shade during hottest hours when not swimming.
It was the best time to eat dinner at the pool. Watermelon fever doesn’t end.

The owner, Pierre, is super kind man and over 70 years old, but what a clear and brilliant mind! Also very energetic and busy person. He was the only one who spoke English there. So when he was gone we communicated a lot in sign language. Sort of funny, but yet sufficient enough to understand things. The area around was very dry and for those two weeks we have thought that entire Spain was like that and it was a bit disappointing, especially lack of green and too much dust and flies.

trip 3
Road to the village Nijar, just 2 km away. We do shopping there and go for the playgrounds with the kids.
nijar_pano 2
Road to the town of Nijar, really deserty and dry. Really really hot.

We figured out how to manage between all that to still have some fun and we did. The evenings were really cool, and we enjoyed a lot of time outside. Kids went to bed super late everyday, as finally it was midnight one day and we decided to not let them just run around till tired  anymore. But it is always a struggle with putting them down at night.

Going to the local beaches is fun!
Going to the local beaches is fun!
road_spain 4
While shopping we always found something fun to do with the kids 😉 Travis is not smiling because he pretends that he is a bad king, not nice one.
road_spain 17
Shopping was mostly getting tons of watermelons. I am choosing good fruits following instructions from local people.

We went shopping together and swim together. We ate tons of watermelons and another melons as well. The time flew by and second week already has begun. But we don’t have another location confirmed yet. It is kind of scary what to do now. But we try always to stay positive and keep trying till succeed. In case of emergency we always have a tent.

Luckily we have found at last minute another location in Portugal, which seemed like a really great option. And we are going to pack in few days and go. It is exciting to change everything again. To see how other people live to enjoy their environment and everyday things. Wondering how it turned out? Find out soon in our next post.

spain 1
See you next week!


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  1. Kris

    hi , just checking and testing 🙂

  2. Lara (Australia)

    You are phenomenal Ulanka! I have followed your journey since your first post on Instagram, and I am totally in love with your family and all that your have endured, together.

    I wrote you a comment about Maya a few weeks back, about how unbelievable she is and how wise and compassionate she is… but I had to delete my Insta account as I am very sensitive to energy and using it was making me feel incredibly ill – so that is why I thought I would leave my comment here, to let you know I am still following your journey and loving all that you have and are doing for your family.

    Ulanka, I so admire all that you and Kris are doing for your babies, you are teaching them about real life and about how the effects of our outside world effect us on the inside. And although I know it has been incredibly tough and hard at times to go through what you are (& have) been through, just keep breathing, just keep loving each other, and just keep on going, one banana at a time!!!

    I have been very touched by your children… they are beautiful beings and were born to create great change, within and also around them. Through them, you are changing the planet. Through them, others are seeing how they can heal their own children. Through your entire experience, you and Kris are changing the lives of all of you, and this is profound!

    I have always wanted to reach out to you about Travis. As there are certain things and times where I am able to observe what and why he has such dramatic changes in behaviour.

    I was born a very sensitive and “awakened” child. I could see spirit, feel energy of times gone by and also view the future and the future of my own life. I could talk with peoples spirit guides, speak with people whom were yet to be born, and feel other peoples feeling and hear their thoughts…

    …not very “normal” for my beautiful mother in the 70’s lol! She didn’t know what she had to deal with when i would tell her as a four year old that there were going to be things called computers, mobile phones, airplanes with two levels, the list goes on 🙂

    So for her, she had to deal with a child that was incredibly different and unique in her own way, and she had absolutely no idea what to do to help me when i was overwhelmed by what i was feeling, or when there would be spirits that would line up in my home waiting for me to give them guidance etc.

    I share those details with you purely to show you that all children come with their unique “gifts” and also to qualify what I wanted to tell you about what I at times “sense” Travis is dealing with when his behaviour changes…

    Travis is an amazing soul whom arrived here to teach you and Kris, and the world. He chose you…

    And with such an overwhelming amount of children arriving these days with “autism”, there is a reason and a purpose to it all, and they are the gifts to help heal this world and it’s inhabitants, but mainly their parents.

    I have my own views and feelings of what autism is at an energetic and spiritual level, and if you ever wish to hear or share your thoughts with me, i would be most open and welcoming of it xox

    Anyway, something I have noticed a lot about Travis and also other sensitive children is that they (like I am) are directly effected by large energetic shifts that occur at a quantum level.

    Okay, I know i just may have thrown you a curve ball – that you would never think that what the planet or what the sun, moon, etc are doing would effect you child, but it does, it effects all of us. But our modern world has forgotten its universal and quantum truths, that everything is energy.

    We, this entire universe is energy in motion. And energy has a consciousness to it as well. So when we receive great shifts at an energetic level, those more sensitive beings feel it to their core. And when you recently mentioned that Travis had had a turn in his behaviour, I knew it was directly linked with the Equinox shift that we just had – and we are all still reeling in it’s effects now.

    Ulanka, I am so sorry to write so much, I never knew how to reach out to you until today when i saw you had a blog. So I do hope you get to read this, and if you would like any further information (as i don’t want to bore you here) or just a friendly chat, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. My heart is open for you always xox

    Sending you all much love and light from Australia, and I do thank you for your time.
    Lara xox

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