The Birds of Paradise – BEHIND the scenes of ART MAKING


Would you like to know how I make my fruit art?

It all starts with going shopping and coming home with new findings, something that usually inspires me to create another piece. Having so many tropical fruits in here is really amazing and brings into my mind sometimes strange visions, like this one that I have just finished and shared with you.

I just don’t do anything else, but take all out of the bags and baskets and lay down on the ground. Usually I do have already something on my mind, but lately I just improvise. Shapes and colors are creating always something visual and I just follow the idea that pops in my head when playing with the fruit.
I love the colors and shapes, the unique qualities of every single piece of fruit. Each one looks different and I am always amazed by how the nature has created them. Isn’t that just beautiful?

It can take me about 1 hour to create main scene and then I start polishing it with details and additional elements. When it’s all done I climb on a chair and take a photo with my iPhone, actually a whole bunch of photos to make sure that I have at least one with 100% focus and also well framed. 

A close  up on birds:

This is the entire scene original photo to work with later. That’s how it looks raw and unedited:

At the end I place my kids on the ground, but just on a plain floor. They do not have to be a part of the design. They will be added to a picture during editing. I do that so they do not have to pose or wait. Kids do not have that much patience. They could also accidentally mess things up a bit. So this helps me to avoid all kinds of obstacles. The only condition that is necessary is that they need to be photographed on the same background as the rest of the art, to make the edit seamless:

Maya is acting surprised to see the imaginary bird
“Birds of Paradise”

And the FINAL RESULT after all is downloaded and put together on my computer. About actual editing I may prepare another post if anyone of you would be interested to learn.


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  1. admin

    I will try to do a post about it, maybe next week 🙂

  2. Dana

    I can’t wait to read your book. I have the same issues as your daughter. It will be nice to know if I’m in the right track. Thank you so much for taking the time. Happy healing to your family

  3. Iveta

    Beautiful! I will be very much interested in photo editing post 🙂 i am wondering you are taking these pics on iphone…:-)

  4. Lara Laju

    Beautiful and brilliant Yulanka!
    I have always wanted to know how you did this beautiful art, thank you for showing us.
    Can’t wait for your book!!!
    Lots of love to you all xox

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