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Since publishing my Book in August this year, so many great things has happened already. Few weeks ago I also decided to create a support group on Facebook to help my mission become something really great and amazing. I believe in “The Fruit Cure” all the way into my bones and I am honored to work with many amazing people right now, who are on their way to recovery. Full recovery on the skin takes several months, but we are already having some improvements in the group and I will be definitely sharing every single ECZEMA success here on the blog, when it happens. That’s why today I am starting this powerful series of blogs, where I will be introducing to you fantastic people and their ECZEMA STORIES, to inspire YOU, to do the same thing.

foto 1 (8)Today, everyone please met Laura, she is one of my followers on Instagram. She was inspired by Maya’s story and decided to end the eczema struggle once and for good. She suffered from eczema just like Maya, pretty much her entire life. She had it as long as she could remember, not only on the neck, but also on her face and arms. She has tried many different treatments and therapies. From traditional medicine to many alternatives. Nothing worked until she has discovered the raw foods and Maya’s story was for her an encouragement to try. Recovery from eczema is possible. It takes patience and dedication. But if you really really want, everyone can do that. There is an initial period of few weeks to few months that is the hard part, but once it’s done the eczema is almost over, clearing up every day better and better till is completely gone. It is possible because this method is different from any other at the most important aspect – it is healing eczema starting from it’s cause, from inside not from the surface. It is removing the problem and eczema is just slowly disappearing.
Few days ago Laura posted a before&after pictures that made me so happy!
She said, that whenever she had difficult times during recovery or when she had doubts if this works or not, she was looking at Maya’s results and she was finding a grip back again to continue. I was very much touched by her message and what she did. It is for me the best reason to keep doing my mission, because it is helping people to have their life back!


She is doing great today, still with little eczema left on her face, but constantly clearing for better. Look at her gorgeous smile now:

foto 1 (24) Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.49.46 PM

Ending the constant struggle with eczema not only gave Laura a healthy skin, but so many other benefits. Laura also battled a depression back few years ago when she had eczema. She said she became a different person than she was before once eczema was gone. Her self-confidence grew tremendously, she became socially active and generally she is a very happy person now.

If you wanted to connect with her:
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Laura’s blog:

I am more then happy to work right now with amazing group of people who read my book and we are supporting each other’s situation in this pretty difficult task. The Facebook Group is available for all The Fruit Cure readers exclusively, because I am creating this way a very friendly and supportive environment for the most important transition and detox time, to make it as easy as possible. I am answering questions personally, I am motivating and coaching those who need more support.

Healing ECZEMA is possible and worth every single day of the fight, because life without eczema is just so beautiful again! Do not wait any longer.

p.s. Thank you Laura for allowing me to share your story and your pictures. You are so beautiful and it is so amazing you can shine 100% with your gorgeous smile on your smooth face!

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