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I have waited so long to write these words. And finally the day has arrived. Today, Maya my first born child is ECZEMA FREE. Permanently. Without medication. Only with diet, love and patience. Here is her story. The details of behaviors and signals from early age are for you to compare with your kids. Maybe someone of you out there will find something, that I was looking for years. This is a first part of the story from beginning to the point when we have found the solution. The second part is about Maya’s skin healed.

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Maya is born – 26Jan2006 – our life turns around in new direction

Maya was a child that was conceived 100% consciously. The pregnancy was planned and perfect. She was born almost naturally. Almost, means I pushed her out myself, but it wasn’t medication free. Things got quite complicated and I needed help. So at some point I had pretty much no choice and had to agree for epidural or I would go into a c-cection. Finally she came into this world. She was all right, just exhausted probably even more than me. Her face was swollen a bit, her eyes had bloody spots from squeezing in birth canal. But overall she looked good. She latched on breast perfectly and I soon had a lot of food for her.

We came back from hospital and then the real storm has started. She was a baby that did not want to sleep day and night, unless carried or put in a stroller. So that was what we did – we just carried her around and went for walks constantly. The biggest problem was at night – so we started to switch, to get some sleep. I also was unexperienced with babies, usual for a first time mother. So I did many things by the book. I did many things wrong way. I let her cry out sometimes when I was tired instead of just putting her on my breast or carry. I could have done many things different way. But I wanted all to be perfect. And it was so not perfect at all. After years I know what was a reason behind her restless nature. Not colics, not spoiling, not any of things that I did. It was digestive issues. Her body did not want certain foods I was eating, so it wasn’t nourished properly and responded in many ways I did not see. But I will talk about that later.


At the time I had no idea what was going on. Maya received a bunch of vaccine shots at birth in the hospital and many more during her first year of life. I also was pushed into taking a complex vaccines for her, that are even worse. I did not question vaccination at that time yet. I just wanted the best for her. But even out of best intentions we can always hurt somebody. The vaccines made her immune system even weaker and more responsive to all kinds of factors.

The time passed by. We learned her. She learned us. We got better. Her sleep improved. But she still cried a lot and slept really lightly. All looked better and better till one day, when she was about 4 months old and I noticed a tiny dry patch on her leg. It was getting bigger and bigger. Next month there were patches all over her body. On legs, arms and finally on cheeks. Her dry cheeks were becoming more dry and more red. I was using mild creams and moisturizes. It was helping just a bit, but no results at the end. I started question foods but not in the way I supposed to. I was feeding her really bad, but what little did I know?

 What Maya ate:

Till 6month old – just breast milk. I was eating standard diet, rather clean, but lots of proteins and fats, mostly processed foods. Salads too but oily and always with meat of cheese. When she was older she started to eat lots of cereals, milk products, breads, pastas, meats, eggs. Not many veggies (she did not like them), some fruits (she did not like most of the fruits). She was a good eater though. She loved apple pancakes, cheese sandwiches, meatballs, pasta. All the rest was quite a challenge to feed her with. She also ate a lot. And I guess overeating of unhealthy foods was making her condition worse. After she turned 1 year old her mild eczema condition within days exploded and almost entire skin was burning, red, dry and patchy. After few days of trying different ointments (cortisone) I went to hospital because I was so worried. They suspected some kind of allergy and I was instructed to give her goat milk instead of cows and observe if any fruits or veggies are causing the matter worse. I got for her some stronger medication (some sort of syrup, I wish I remember what was it) and after 2 days her skin was clear like never before. Few days later some tiny spots here and there showed up, but it did not return even close to what it was. And overall her skin was 99% clear. Months went by, we kept her on goat milk and I tried to give her more veggies. She looked fine. Life was good. The only thing she had always a bit of a red, dry cheeks and I observed a redness inside her arms. Typical places for the beginning of eczema in children.

maya 0.01

When Maya was almost 3 years old we got pregnant again and it was a baby boy! So we were really happy. Travis was born in the summer. He was a complete opposite to her. Sleeping a lot, very little crying, cuddly, happy boy. First three months were perfect. He was an amazing baby that I have always thought a baby would be like. His story will tell some other time. Back to her. It was January, really cold, really, I mean really cold. Travis was 6 months old and Maya just turned 4. I forgotten to mention that Maya was getting constantly sick since about 2.5 years old, since she went to preschool. I mean constantly – 1 week school, 1 week home and it cycled. All year long except summer. She also had runny nose all the time and it wasn’t clear but nasty.

maya 0.02 (1)Because I was very busy with work, I constantly was using some mild medication on her to get her quickly back to preschool. I hate myself sometimes that I was giving it to her instead of letting rest, sleep and get better. But this vicious cycle of getting sick seemed just too hard to accept all the time. Since both off them were getting sick so much and I just couldn’t bear it anymore, Kris have found some information about homeopathy and we went to the best doctor in the area. After the visit we got some homeopathic drops and within days both kids got cured from cold. No medication, no more coughs, no more problems. I was so happy! It was like a miracle!

maya 0.06

We do not have many pictures from that period that could show, mostly she covered her arms with long sleeves.

But it did not last very long. They did not get sick anymore, but Maya’s allergy has come back… Something that was put in a cage by medicine back few years ago have been just released. It started slowly, showing on her inner arms only. It got bigger later on, spreading up to her neck. I decided not to go back to conventional medications but to find some natural ways to fight this allergy, because that what I thought it was. After few months of herbal cleansing, some bioresonance therapy and sugar free/gluten free diet she got a lot better. The skin was almost clear, just a tiny bit on her arms, but not really visible. We were using creams and she was all right. Sometimes it would go away for a while and I thought it will be gone for good soon. We kept her diet still on standard menu but with some adjustments: no gluten, sugar, milk (yes finally no dairy!) and things like soy, nuts etc. We did some allergy tests and removed those things from her diet as well, some veggies and fruits like broccoli, bananas, kiwi, celery. There was slow progress for better. Both of them did not get sick anymore and we used homeopathy when needed. Life was running fast, things were changing, we had big plans for future. All was looking really great again.

maya 0.06 (1)

We noticed his regress. Travis became quiet, started to play alone and loved to be in the water or mud for long time just enjoying the time.

Until one day I found out I was pregnant with our third child. At the same time we started to be very suspicious about our 2.5 yo. boy Travis, who’s behaviors became a bit strange. After a while observing him we went to professionals and few months later we faced the diagnosis. Our little boy is autistic…

maya 0.1

This is just the beginning of a nightmare. Dry patches over eyes. Spots on her neck.

To make things even more dramatic couple weeks later I noticed a dry patch on Maya’s neck… I was very much concerned this time. The patch quickly grew bigger and bigger. We were scared and didn’t know what to do first. While dealing with new Travis’s situation I was desperately seeking help for her, since her condition was worsening day by day, very quickly this time. I started experimenting with diets and went for all allergy tests that I could find. We were looking deeper and deeper searching for a cause of it. We finally realized that there must be something wrong, that we have to find out to be able to help her. But I was still on the wrong path and going into opposite direction. I was however determined that I will do everything to cure my daughter and will not stop until I succeed.

maya 0.2

Maya’s skin was getting worse and worse. She soon started to look really sick.

I knew deep inside that if I want to help Maya I needed to search only for natural methods. No easy ways anymore. Meanwhile Maya’s condition was getting worse week by week. I did many different therapies and nothing was helping, at all. But we still continued with standard diet, a bit modified due to her “allergies” but she was eating meat, lots of oil, lots of starches, eggs etc. I had no idea that the diet was the main problem.

maya 0.4

That’s how inside of her arms looked like. This is actually a bit healed. When it was flared up really, she had wounds.

maya 0.5

Her skin was very scaly, every time it started to heal I thought it would just clear up after all that scale comes off. But it just made room for fresh flare up.

At this point Maya was on the edge. And I was too. One day she cried in my arms and she said ” Mommy, I don’t to live like this anymore”. I choked for a moment, and through the tears I told her that I will never stop and I will keep trying and searching until I find a cure, until her skin and body is healthy again. I said that promise and I deeply believed that I can keep it. It was a big promise however…

maya 0.6

She wasn’t even smiling these days..

It was a long way through a dark forest, I was walking blind and trying everything I could. Over and over and over again. It was failure after failure… I was really worried and people around me begun to question what I was doing. I felt alone and sad, lost and really really tired of this whole situation and constant struggle…

maya 2

Her skin turned yellowish and she started to drop her weight badly. She was thin, weak and rather sad.

Since Maya has started to look really sick, not only her skin, but her eyes got big brown circles under them, her skin turned a bit yellowish and she started to drop weight. I was really frightened if I am doing something really terrible to her. I did not wanted to ruin her life. And I think I was very very close.

maya 1

she was very skinny at this point and I was receiving many questions from her teachers, my friends and family if she is ok.

One day, it was just before Christmas, when I was doing another research and thinking, I stepped upon a very important informations and facts, about connections between food, nutrition and eczema and the pieces of the puzzle finally begun to match and make a lot of sense! It was the kind of EUREKA feeling!!!  All what I was doing since months came together now, starting from the moment when my youngest baby at 4 months old begun to develop eczema as well, even though he hasn’t been vaccinated like the other two. It was the first very important information, maybe even the most deciding one. After trying and testing it on myself, I hate prepared a final ECZEMA HEALING PLAN. I am describing the whole process in my eBook from the beginning till the end of our journey. I have discovered things that have been similar in all three of my kids even thought all three of them eczema case was different. I felt like I finally found the bottom cause. It was an amazing feeling of relief and happiness, that was real. It was like finding the most precius treasure, the secret of life, the answer to my prayers and askings. It came to me. I found it! I wanted to scream as loud as I could!
The journey was about to start and I got all prepared and ready. Motivated. Focused. I was about to conquer this monster that was “eating” my kids on the inside. We were all very excited and self confident in our plan. With a ton of enthusiasm we have begun our journey on the 1st of April of 2014. It was ecstatic!!! The energy level was 1000% Our house was filled with happiness and laughter, even though we still had the same eczema to deal with, we knew it’s days are coming to an end. And it was happening for REAL!!! Slowly but surely.

Every day I could see more energy in them and after a couple of weeks Maya’s skin became normal color again, no longer yellowish.  For the first time also I noticed she is not scratching so much right after each meal. Her skin still looked bad, but it looked like something has stopped a bit. I knew in my heart that I have found the right path and I just need to focus and stay on it long enough to see the results. I was fully happy for the first time in years. I knew I found a cause. It was a long way to go, but I started. I no longer search. I know now where I am going.

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How have we went from so bad to so good is going to be written in a part 2 of this blog

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