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WHAT’s in OUR FRIDGE right now!?

Hello My Lovelies! How are you guys? Thank you so much for visiting my blog again ūüôā Tomorrow is Friday, my favorite day of the entire week ūüôā¬†Yay! What about you? I don't know if you are curious or not, but I want to show you what's in my fridge to give you an idea...

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What Troy eats on a random day 2 (in Thailand)

Hello there! This is a second post from the series of Troy's current food choices. He is really a decision maker right now and will not eat anything unless he wants it. This is the difficult time for all the parents, because usually children would stop eating all the...

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What Troy eats on a random DAY 1 (in Thailand)

Hello my Lovelies! I have decided to do a series of posts about what my kids eat daily to discuss more details about nutrition and choices. For now it is easier to share this for me on the blog, but soon I hope we can also make for you some videos too.   Here is...

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“THE FRUIT CURE” – how to heal eczema

Maya had eczema since she was a baby. She is 9 years old, healthy and beautiful girl today. About 1.5 year ago, after years of struggle, error and trial I finally found a way to help her by doing some  dietary and behavioral changes. After Maya has recovered I decided...

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My Dear Readers and Followers, Just as I have promised to you yesterday, here is a table of content of the second book "The Fruit Cure IN PRACTICE", which contains over 100 great ideas and delicious recipes with even more of clever tips and simple suggestions on each...

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My Lovely Readers and Followers! First of all I want to thank you for being so patient and supportive of my work. It means a world to me. Please share this with someone who may need this information, so I can reach out to them. As you know I just finished my ebook a...

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NOW YOU CAN BUY MY ARTWORK TO SUPPORT MY FUTURE PROJECTS Any artwork you buy will let me to create more, so please support if you like what I do. For now, there are few options, like: framed prints, canvases, murals or digital files, more products coming soon. Since a...

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5+5 = a lot of people in da house today!

HOW MUCH IS 5+5 ? If it is running on fruit, it becomes so much fun and energy that you cannot put a number on it. Today was a special day. Another family of 5 visited us and we spent a day together. They are in Thailand for one month vacation, staying in Chiang Mai....

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The stinky king DURIAN part 2 – update

Hi There! I have to share this! It is incredible thing WHAT JUST HAPPENED and I can't keep it all to myself!!!! So here it goes... You know that I have tried some durian for the first time a couple of days ago. Well, I said I wasn't crazy jumping up and down about it....

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Durian is a very famous fruit among all raw food community. It is a delicacy of raw food like truffles, caviar or champagne among traditional food lovers. It's fame and glamour comes from the very characteristic smell and taste, almost unpleasant, actually very...

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We are NUTs about COCONUTs!

 Hello there! I want to share with you some info about fascinating me lately coconuts in Thailand. If you have always thought that there is only one kind of coconuts, you may be surprised just like I am. We are having a stash of about 40 coconuts right now (consuming...

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They drive me Bananas!

This is just a short one, but I want to share it with you since it was so funny. I always keep most fruit that I buy in the morning in the trunk of the car... When it was time to leave Warm Heart the other day, I went back to the car  and what I see? Some of the boys...

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Thailand of Dreams

This is our biggest trip as a family so far. Why did we choose Thailand? Well. Many different reason, but mainly for our kids. We have noticed during our stay in Portugal that weather is a very important factor to our kids health. Sun exposure and being outside,...

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Cheating on our diet and the consequences.

Recently our kids have cheated on their diet and we quickly paid the price. It was however a very valuable lesson. We are only humans and we make mistakes. But - we have also learn from them. Today we know, that when it comes to fixing health issues it is extremely...

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