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ACNE healing story – MILENA

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share another example of how diet matters and what it can do for your health, wellbeing and even look. This is Milena and her amazing transformation. She went through few stages until she found the healthy vegan lifestyle and healed her...

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ECZEMA healing stories – SARAH

Today I am bringing to you another very beautiful story, by Sarah, who just proved that you should never give up. Since over two years I am trying to inspire and help people around the world who struggle with eczema. Each day I am getting closer and closer to...

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ECZEMA healing stories – EVELINA SUSANA

ECZEMA healing stories - EVELINA SUSANA: Hello, Everyone! Today I will happily share another eczema survivor story, Evelina Susana, who crossed her path with Maya's journey. She was on her way to healing already and Maya's story gave her courage to keep going. This is...

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ECZEMA healing stories – TUDOR

Hello Everyone! HUGE NEWS TODAY! I am beyond happy to share another amazing ECZEMA SUCCESS story with you. READ and SHARE, it can help someone who struggles and doesn't know what to do. This is little TUDOR: His Mom IRINA came across Maya's story and got my book back...

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"Life is a JOURNEY and this is OURS" - new SPECIAL short video, our STORY in 4 minutes, on our You Tube channel, deHappy5. "- If our story could only help one person, it will be all worth it, SHARE IT, if you think it could help someone." ??????????????...

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ECZEMA healing stories ‚Äď ELIZABETH

 ECZEMA HEALING STORIES  - ELIZABETH Everyone, please meet Elizabeth. To see her transformation pictures few days ago, was for me another very happy moment of my life, and I really wanted to share it with you.   "Your story inspired me and gave me hope to keep...

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ECZEMA healing stories – LAURA

LAURA'S ECZEMA RECOVERY STORY: Since publishing my Book in August this year, so many great things has happened already. Few weeks ago I also decided to create a support group on Facebook to help my mission become something really great and amazing. I believe in "The...

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Another FUN idea for PICKY EATERS! This one is maybe a bit silly, but Troy actually came up with that and I want to share it because it made him go back to eating whole bananas again, that he was avoiding for a while. Smoothies were ok, but not a banana on its own. We...

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Veggie DIP for kids – recipe 1: “PINK TOMATO”

DIP-and-EAT with us! Dipping pieces of veggies or fruits in yummy sauce has been our kids favorite lately. I usually serve it at a snack time, while playing in the afternoon, pre dinner but sometimes it is their dinner on a fully raw day. "PINK TOMATO SAUCE" - named...

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Travis got LETTERS from FRIENDS!

Hi there! First of all we want to thank you guys for such great response to our post about Travis's birthday! It was such a cool feeling to receive those envelopes last week! Thank you so much to Tim, Ula, Sara, Dave, Renata, Marysia i Przemek! - out of excitement we...

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Ullenka’s NEW PASSION!

Don't you just love when you discover a new thing and you want to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I have re-discovered this simple smoothie and can't get enough of it! It all has started with getting these beautiful PASSION FRUITS from my friend Jessica, who...

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What Troy eats on a random day 3 (in Thailand)

HELLO! Welcome to my blog¬†and thank you so much for coming ūüôā How are you guys doing? This is the last one of the 3-series ¬†"What Troy eats in a day", at least¬†for now. Today his menu is much different. No "bamboo" - that's how he named rambutan, I guess it sounds...

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