annie_phrao 9

Hi Lovlies!

Here I want you to meet a real Beauty and a big hearted amazing young woman, who I finally was able to meet over last weekend. Annie Jaffrey.

Today I want to present to you our fruitful work during photo shoot with her. The experience was so amazing for me. She is such natural beauty and I could just go creative all the way.

In my next blog post I will share with you about the entire experience of meeting Annie including some of the meals that we created and ate together.


annie_fruitshot 2

Smiling Fruit Portrait


annie_fruitshot 3

Gentle Portrait with a flower necklace


annie_fruitshot 4

A close up on her beautiful face and my hair styling! Do you love it?


annie_fruitshot 5

That’s how we did it! She was really on the ground with the fruit!


annie_fruitshot 8

Annie taking selfie.. 🙂


annie_fruitshot 9

Layers of fruit and hair from the angle…


annie_fruitshot 10

That’s how originally picture was taken – the second fruit fountain was recreated during editing, so I was sure the symmetry is perfect without too much extra work 🙂


annie_fruitshot 6

Final effect – this picture is taken with iPhone, the one above was taken with much better resolution Sony camera. But we both liked her face expression on this one best.

Thank you Annie for the opportunity of creating these pictures with you.

I enjoyed every minute that we spent together creatively and fruitfully.
I have learned so much from you. You are a true inspiration.
Very successful and determined at such young age.
I wish for you all the best in future.

So glad to be a part of your world.