Hello Everyone!

Today I want to share another example of how diet matters and what it can do for your health, wellbeing and even look.

This is Milena and her amazing transformation.
She went through few stages until she found the healthy vegan lifestyle and healed her acne.


This is her story:

“For years I suffered from very painful acne. Unfortunately at that time I wasn’t educated on how to heal my body and spirit trough food so I was pumped with Accutane, a very dangerous drug! It made my skin clearer but not healthier. My skin looked dead and my gut was destroyed. The side effects were horrible.
2 years ago I decided to go vegan in order to regain back my health. But it’s just another reminder that vegan doesn’t necessary mean “healthy”. Eating processed foods very high in fats and sugar will certainly not make us any healthier. I’m glad I discovered the power and healing properties of living foods so I can enjoy my life to its fullness and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The first pic is about 3 years ago when my lifestyle was so unhealthy. Second pic is 6 months ago when I was just back from the Philippines. I was vegan but I stayed in the rainforest having no access to the shops so I was eating whatever it was given to me, still vegan but not healthy. Very rich in fats and processed foods. I was eating a lot of bread and peanut butter with sugar. Also all my food was cooked. Eating rice 4 times a day.

I’ve been vegan for 2 years now. But being vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthier. Yes it certainly helps not having any animal products but we need to be aware of all the processed stuff on the market, mainly soya based of course NOT GMO free either. Also why we should be avoiding cooked food?! Because heat destroys enzymes found in living foods that are necessary for good health.
The photos are a great example of how my skin reacts trough out the years on the kind of food I eat. ”

1) When Milena was a meat-eater:
2) When Milena was vegan, but eating a diet very high in fats, sugars and processed foods:
3) When Milena was eating much better, high raw vegan diet, but still high in fats – lots of nuts and seeds, raw butters and milks:
4) When Milena started to eat mostly fruit and greens, raw vegan diet, it is only 7 days since she started but already big improvement:

I described the method and my kids story in my eBook “The Fruit Cure”¬†and recipes in “The Fruit Cure in practice.